Show Up

October 5th, 2020

Show Up.

Pay Attention.

Don’t be chained to expectations.


My advisor at Antioch New England Graduate School Cindy Thomashaw told me that if I followed these three tenants, I would make it through any situation.  She was referring to work meetings, presentations and interactions with colleagues.  To tell you the truth, her words have made all the difference in how I approach more than just work. They have helped me in my daily life as well.


Let’s talk about Show Up.



It’s a show up stopper!


Right now there is so many forces calling on us to show up.  COVID, the political uncertainty, economic pressures, to name a few. Each of these forces may cause you to feel underprepared or uncertain about what actions to take.  Showing up means when you are in front of another person, be there. Be in that moment. Just being at the table or present is half the battle.  Be there. Show up. One practice to help you show up is to check in with your body. Are you tense? Where does trepidation sit in you? Notice it and breath into it. Relax the tense bits.  Breath in deeply to a count of 4, exhaling at a count of 8. This pattern of breathing will slow your heart rate down and help dissipate tension blocking your ability to be fully present.


Today’s task for you is to notice what it is like to just give yourself permission to just show up. Nothing more.  No need to take action. No need to be right. No need to make a statement.  Just practice showing up and see what happens.