Facilitate Meetings

Transform your meetings into productive and efficient sessions. I’ll bring a neutral, objective position to the table. Let’s help your team members listen, manage difficult issues, and improve organizational effectiveness.

The main goal of a facilitator is to create a productive environment in which everyone’s opinion is heard, without a single viewpoint dominating the discussion. This allows for dynamic discussions that produce a wide variety of information and ideas that help the group achieve consensus-based problem-solving and decision-making resolutions. You might engage a facilitator when:

  • You have an important decisions to make
  • Your group is small or large, diverse or alike, in sync or in conflict, and needs to solve challenging problems
  • You are developing a strategic plan that needs active support of key stakeholders
  • You need a process expert or subject matter expert that will keep your group/team productively on track and on time


Team Processes & Procedures

A well-crafted process can make all the difference. I’ll help your team work better together by developing processes tailored to your organization to improve decision making, pursue your vision, and enhance communication.



Transform you! I’ll work with you to intentionally create the work life you desire. I am here to help you understand how to bring your whole self to your life.  Your mission is to live a complete, woven life that feels rewarding, balanced and whole.



I offer workshops for individuals, organizations, and agencies to help build professional and personal development skills.

Meeting Facilitation
Make your team EPIC!
The EPIC Leader
The EPIC Teammate
Live and Work with Intention – Resiliency Workshop
The Compassionate Board
Active Listening



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