Pay attention…

October 7th, 2020

Pay attention…


The President of the United States tested positive for COVID-19.  


As if there weren’t already enough things to pay attention to: 


  • Functioning in a new work environment, 
  • Remembering to social distance
  • The changes in how we socialize, 
  • The plummeting economy, 
  • Racial justice issues, 
  • How it feels to be isolated by lock downs, 
  • The healthcare system, 
  • Home schooling.


So much swirling all around in our heads.


This is when paying attention to who is in front of us and how we react to them is more important than ever.  


Being present in the moment is a good strategy to use for managing the pile of worries, agenda items, tasks and feelings you have to manage.  


Some tips and tricks to being present are to pause, take a breath, scan your mind and body for reactions and distractions. Then notice what is right in front of you that needs your attention.  Look at the person or tasks in front of you and make a choice to not operate on autopilot. Make a choice to choose how you want to be in this very moment. Then pay attention to what the person you are talking to is saying or the task you are doing. Focus. Emulate your chosen response. Use all your skills to pay attention.