Based in Missoula, Montana, my goal is to create positive change. I help organizations improve their outcomes. I help teams work together more effectively, and empower individuals to discover their unique paths. It means I know how to set up the right questions, listen, and help you lead toward a stronger future.

In the end, change is never easy—but through deep engagement, a little bit of fun, and clarity we can create better outcomes.


A BIT ABOUT MERachel Gooen

Formerly of 5th House Consulting, I work with organizations and individuals committed to social change. Clients turn to me for my ability to ask the right questions and identify the processes that will make a difference for them.

As a consultant, I understand the language of both environmentalism and social work and have the ability to think about people in their environment as well as how the environment affects the individual.

I earned dual master degrees—a Masters of Science in Environmental Studies from Antioch New England Graduate School and a Masters of Social Work, with a social change focus, from the University of Montana. The tools I use today are informed by theoretical knowledge as well as my on-the-ground experience.

Previously, I worked as a licensed clinical social worker and for organizations including the National Audubon Society, RESTORE: The North Woods, Women’s Voice for the Earth and Adventure Cycling. With 20 years of experience in nonprofits, including fundraising, I understand capacity needs, messaging, organizational structure, and the importance of delivering the mission in order to have the optimum social/environmental impact.

My passion for social justice and clinical social worker training set the foundation for strong skills in team building, meeting facilitation, and community assessments. I’ll help you evaluate group dynamics and enhance your team’s overall effectiveness.

An avid learner, I keep up to date on the latest trainings that support public health issues, program development, and professional/personal development.

My experience in health prevention, treatment, and deep care of people makes me keenly aware of the needs of diverse populations. My work in program development and human interactions has set the stage for mobilizing strategic growth partnerships through community engagement. It means I know how to set up the right questions, listen, and help you lead toward a stronger future.